Why You Should Invest in the Next Power Couple: Golf & Entertainment

Golf has not traditionally been synonymous with entertainment for people across the board. Of course there have always been and always will be golf enthusiasts who live for the game (or watching it). However, it hasn’t been the first choice for the group of friends looking for something to do. This is due to many factors ranging from accessibility and cost to lacking the skills needed to play the game.

Well, that’s all changing with entertainment venues like BigShots Golf entering the picture. BigShots Golf facilities pair golf and entertainment in the perfect balance, and have customized a social experience that brings a new and exciting meaning to playing a game of golf.

A new franchise opportunity on the market, BigShots Golf stands out among others because of the well-developed business model that focuses on avid golfers and recreational players alike. There are just as many opportunities for families and kids to enjoy themselves at BigShots as there are for a skilled golfer who needs to practice and track their swing.

Using cutting-edge technology, BigShots Golf provides a virtual gameplay option where players can aim at a real driving range and hit a target they see on their screen to score points in an immersive virtual reality! Skilled golfers who want to practice their golf game and track progress can also do so through the ball tracking technology and member accounts offered. All of this data is stored for the member, allowing them to utilize BigShots Golf as a practice facility.

Trends in entertainment and recreation show that with increased disposable incomes in 2018, there have been more people wanting new recreational options. They are hunting for activities that aren’t old and tired, but still meet the demands that have become commonplace like food and bar service, technology integration, and multiple entertainment options under one roof. These trends show that investing in a franchise opportunity with BigShots Golf is an investment in what people want out of a recreational gaming venue.

Golf and entertainment are a powerful duo, and are quickly becoming a pair that comes to mind when searching for the weekend’s festivities. Families are embracing the welcoming gaming environment where children can have fun and learn a new skill simultaneously. Golfers are jumping at the opportunity for a driving range practice option, or a full course, with the added elements of a full service restaurant and relaxing atmosphere.

The development team at BigShots Golf has curated this concept into a model that combines all of these elements, a full-service restaurant and bar, television, music, virtual gaming, and a lounge atmosphere with a golf course and driving range. Investing in a BigShots Golf franchise is an investment in the future of two long standing, powerhouse industries: golf and entertainment.

The recreation and entertainment market has recently seen increased growth due to opportunities like BigShots Golf emerging. If you are passionate about business,golf, or entertainment, then contact us to find out how a BigShots Golf franchise is right for you.