You Can Do What You Love and Golf Everyday

BigShots Golf Lounge Franchises Changing the Game

It is often considered a cliché when people say how important it is to “do what you love” and “do what you’re really passionate about”. This sentiment is touted by inspirational speakers at conferences and self-help gurus on the internet, but just because we’ve heard it more times than we can count, it shouldn’t be completely discounted.

In the multitude of options that society has for recreational activities and interests, only so many of them have the ability to become profitable businesses. If you are passionate about golf and want to do what you love, there is a new business opportunity that may be the perfect combination for you. Golf and entertainment are now being bridged together by BigShots Golf in a format that is revitalizing the game of golf for the masses. This is the business opportunity every golf-enthusiast has been waiting for. BigShots Golf is a cutting-edge golf and entertainment company powered by BigShots Golf proprietary technology.

This franchise opportunity is a great way for someone who is passionate about golf to be able to “do what they love”. When you purchase a BigShots Golf Lounge franchise, you can integrate it into an existing business, like a restaurant or a bar, and it is a way to incorporate a personal love of golf into your current business ventures.

The BigShots Golf Lounge franchises are a brand new opportunity. It is an indoor version of the larger, driving range-style BigShots Golf facility. The indoor simulator provides a digitally-simulated play and gaming experience. Players can compete at any skill level in the virtual games, and even play in simulated versions of real golf courses around the world. The BigShots Live Play technology allows golfers to play with and compete against each other in different BigShots locations. 

Avid golfers wanting to find a way to make the game more accessible and fun for families, recreational players, and other golfers can bring that very thing to their community by opening a franchise of the BigShots Golf Lounge. The innovative technology allows for anyone and everyone to play the game in a unique way.

The virtual games have adjustable skill levels, and the tracking technology allows for players to record their progress and store their game data for returning visits! According to the founder, Jason Payne, “BigShots Golf … truly blends the magic of the game of golf with fun and entertainment.”


If you think that a BigShots Golf Lounge would be the perfect addition to your business, then contact us to find out more about opening your own franchise!

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