How You Can Work With an Industry Leader in Golf and Hospitality

A successful entrepreneur can often become a creature of habit without realizing it. Working in one industry for years means you learn the tricks of the trade. You have most likely figured out efficient protocols to practice when things go wrong. You know the best methods for your success, and practice them with excellence. These habits are good ones and they are likely what help you and your business thrive.

So what happens when you want enter into a new business opportunity, and not all of your existing knowledge carries over to the new field? Entrepreneurs can’t assume that just because they’ve been successful in a certain field that they will automatically be successful in their next venture. That’s why you have to bring in the experts in to help you.

When it comes to the hospitality or golf industry, one of the leaders of the pack is ClubCorp. They have been leading the way in excellence in customer service and hospitality for over 60 years with over 200 club locations in the United States. ClubCorp isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Their latest venture, BigShots Golf, is a state-of-the-art golf recreation and entertainment facility that uses cutting-edge technology to provide digital radar shot tracking on games and course simulation you can play from your own climate-controlled personal tee box with comfortable seating and televisions.

Avid golfers can play full rounds on virtual golf courses or practice their swing complete with statistics that include ball speed, club speed, ball spin rate and more. Players of all skill levels including non-golfers, families and children can play a variety of captivating games such as Knockout, Pinball, Islands and more with players hitting golf shots onto a fun, multi-colored range area.

The brand appeals to both proficient golfers and recreational players. Boasting a full restaurant and bar service, plus other indoor game offerings, BigShots Golf truly has something for everyone.

If you’re interested in entering into the golf entertainment industry, a BigShots Golf franchise could be the opportunity you are looking for. The BigShots Golf venues bring excitement, fun and entertainment together with the game of golf.

With years of expertise in club and golf operations, ClubCorp, through its management division ClubLife Management, will help you manage the day-to-day facility operations and on delivering a great customer experiences.

If you have been considering making a business investment in a new field, and want to work with an industry leader, then a BigShots Golf franchise could be the right move for you. Contact our team to learn more!